BloomReach Experience V12.2 & Hippo CMS V12.2 Release Notes

We have released version 12.2 of BloomReach Experience and Hippo CMS. This minor release introduces new functionality without breaking backwards compatibility with the previous minor release. In this document we will give a brief overview of the highlights of this release.

BloomReach Experience and Hippo CMS V12.2 - Highlights

What is new for end users

Improved projects

In version 12.0 of BloomReach Experience, we introduced the first version of Projects. The feature was picked up very well in the market and we were flooded with feature requests and tips for improvement. We have been working hard on improving this feature, and will continue to do so for future releases. In version 12.2 we are proud to present our first major update for the feature:

  • A project can now contain documents and not just changes made to a channel. Documents can be added, edited and deleted within the context of a project. The workflow has been updated to reflect this change, e.g. you can accept and reject specific documents

  • During the merge process a clear overview of conflicts is provided, and for each individual conflict you can decide whether to include or exclude it within the merge

  • A re-integration report is available after a merge has been completed; it shows information relating to the number of conflicts included/excluded in the merge and some information relating to what was merged

  • A number of improvements were made to the Projects perspective and flow so as to enhance the usability of the feature

Create content in channel manager

In version 12.0 of BloomReach Experience and Hippo CMS we introduced functionality for editing content directly from within the channel manager. We have extended the functionality of this feature so that users can now create content from within the channel manager and no longer have to switch to the content perspective to do so. We expect this will save a lot of time for our end-users'. Please note that a developer need to make changes to the component template to enable this feature. In order to make this easier we already did this for all applicable standard Essentials components.

Usability improvements

Several usability improvements have been made in this release:

  • Usability of the Update Editor has been improved by making it’s UI window resizable.

  • The Channel Manager now remembers overlay selection state when you return to it.

  • The search functionality in the Admin perspective has been significantly improved; it now accepts partial, wild-card searches and is no longer case-sensitive.

What is new for developers


In Version 12.2, we introduce some very large improvements on our Essentials Setup and Feature library for developers. Essentials was first released about four years ago and has been very well received by the developer community as a tool to quickly setup new projects. Over the years it has grown to be the preferred way of starting new projects and converting projects to enterprise projects easily. In 12.2, Essentials has been improved in the following ways:

  • Enable inter-linked plugin dependencies. If a developer selects a plugin from the dashboard, to be included in his project, and if this plugin relies on other plugins or features, Essentials will install these plugins as well. So Essentials is now dependency-aware and will install everything that is necessary for a single feature to work- meaning developers need to do less work to get a feature working.

  • A stable, documented API and SDK for developing your own Essentials plugins. Although the Essentials APIs already were proven in practice, well tested and publically available, they were still in beta. From now on, the APIs carry an official production status, meaning that third party developers can get more serious about developing their own Essentials plugins.

  • The average number of rebuilds needed to work with Essentials has been further reduced.   

  • The Essentials Components library has a new utility ComponentsUtils#addCurrentDateStrings to make current-date parameters available for use in rendering templates more easily.

  • A shortcut link was added in the Essentials UI to jump to the initial project configuration settings.

  • As a developer, you can easily add the CRISP feature to your project using the Essentials UI.

  • And of course all applicable Essentials components were updated to work with creating content in the channel manager.

Create content in Channel Manager

To enable the creation of documents from within the channel manager, developers can use the new manageContent tag in all templates. This flexible tag can be configured to all your content needs, including updating component parameters, editing content and creating new documents.

What’s new for administrators

BloomReach Enterprise Repository

The update editor has been improved by adding new methods for node selection. Controlling the JCR nodes the updater script visits traditionally was done by specifying a repository path or an xpath query. Now a third option is introduced where you, as a developer or admin select the nodes in the update script. This feature is backported to all active versions. Please note that with great power comes great responsibility. Use with care.



Although security is an ongoing process and not directly tied to the release cycle, it is worthwhile to mention that during the past period we have executed third party pentests at our BloomReach Experience and BloomReach Cloud platforms. These tests were performed by HackerOne. No major vulnerabilities were found.

Privacy improvement

Already introduced in a previous micro release, but worthwhile to mention is that when tracking is not allowed, the _visitor cookie will not be written in the response anymore. Besides this improvement being available in 12.2.x, it is also backported to the latest micro releases of 12.1, 12.0 and 11.2.

Minor release

V12.2 is a minor release. This means that this release is backwards compatible with the previous release.

System support and requirements

Numerous changes in the system requirements have been made and some terminology changed. Also, we removed the ‘hardware requirements’ section from the system requirements as they were actually advisory statements and not requirements so we felt they did not belong in this document. For dimensioning hardware and infra we have the sizing guide available.

The full system requirements can be found via this web page: Highlighted are:

  • Support for Windows 8.1 as client operating system ended.

End-of-life and support

End-of-life table for releases

Please note that this release triggers the end-of-life status of V12.0 GA. As of today, the active releases are the most recent patch versions of V12.1, V12.2, V11.2 (LTS) and V10.2 (LTS).

In the table below you can find the support status of your product and when support will end; this is dependent on  the version currently being used and license level. Please note that versions that are not listed are not active and not supported.

If you are on version:


You will receive support until the release of version:



Standard license

Premium license

10.2 (LTS)



No support

13.0 GA

11.2 (LTS)



13.0 GA

14.0 GA




No support

No support




13.0 GA (if 12.2 is final minor)
12.3 (if 12.2 is not final minor)

13.0 GA (if 12.2 is final minor)
12.3 (if 12.2 is not final minor)




14.0 GA (if 12.2 is final minor)
13.0 GA (if 12.2 is not final minor)

15.0 GA (if 12.2 is final minor)
13.0 GA (if 12.2 is not final minor)


  • We will drop support for Tomcat 8.0 on our 10.2 and 11.2 LTS versions around summer as Tomcat 8.0 then reaches EOL. We will support Tomcat 8.5 on all our active versions from then onwards. Please note that this does not mean that your system stops working immediately - tomcat 8.0 is stable and works great, but we cannot support it properly with the quality we would like to.

  • We will drop support for Debian 7 (Wheezy) in the near future as it will be EOL in May 2018.

  • The support of JSP rendering templates for Essentials components will be ended by V13.

  • We will work on increasing the minor release frequency slightly to about once every two months, introducing new functionality more often than we do in the current three minor releases per year. This will not have an effect on the number of major releases, which is still set for roughly once a year. We are anticipating on releasing a 12.3 version and maybe even more minor releases in the 12 series.


BloomReach Experience and Hippo CMS are available as from March 1, 2018 onwards.

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