BloomReach Experience V12.3 & Hippo CMS V12.3 Release Notes

We have released a new version of BloomReach Experience. This minor release introduces new functionality and improvements. In this document we will give a brief overview of the highlights of this release. Please note that our BloomReach Experience Customers and partners will have early access to this release. The Hippo CMS community release will be made available in about six weeks, in line with our Open Source Release Policy. See also the related section in this announcement below.

BloomReach Experience - Highlights

What is new for end users

Projects - Collaboration (BRE only)

The ‘Projects’ functionality allows users to pre-prepare and manage channel & content changes in isolation- away from the ‘core’ site, and then merge those changes live. By default a request-review, review and acceptance workflow is utilised to ensure all channel and content changes merged are as desired.

In 12.3 we have added the ‘Collaboration’ feature to the Projects functionality; this feature allows individual users, and teams, who are working on a project to log what changes have been made within that project. User’s can essentially keep a diary of changes made in relation to a project, and the channels/content which may be contained within it.  

This iteration yields great value to end-users, as it makes transparent all work contained in a project, and supports confidence in the review, acceptance and merge process. Individual users and teams working together have full control and visibility of what they have done, what others have done and what still needs to be completed.

  • Added comment filtering options to filter on comment text, date-range and user that added the comment.

  • ‘Add comment’ dialog with channels and documents selection.

  • Show latest project comments in the project details.

  • For channels and documents in the project, added a side panel to show and add comments to help the review process.

  • If a change is rejected during the review, a comment describing the rejection is now mandatory. A dialog is shown to give feedback on the reject.

  • A complete channel can be rejected or accepted directly from the channels perspective.

  • The channel manager now shows the current project state in the projects list dropdown.

  • Comments can span multiple lines.

Usability improvements (BRE as well as Hippo CMS)

A number of usability improvements are included in the 12.3 release:

  • Search functionality has been added to the sitemap and component listings in the channel manager. This is hugely beneficial for users who have a large volume of sitemap items and/or components. They no longer need to scroll endlessly or guess what an item is (if it has a long URL or name for example).

  • Users can now resize the sitemap/component listings panel.

  • We now remember if a user had the sitemap/component listings panel opened, what specific tab they were on and what size the panel was. Remembering the details of  a users last interaction with the sitemap/component listings panel is just another step towards providing a more personalized experience. We are gradually adding this ‘remembering’ functionality across the UI to minimize time-wasting behaviour (like having to constantly reopen the same feature, select the same option etc.)

  • The visual editing panel now supports more fields; calendar date, date, boolean and image link. Support for additional fields in the visual editor is a gradual process, but with the boolean, calendar, calendar date and imagelink fields now supported, users will be able to edit content from within the channel manager much more than before- the need to switch to the content perspective to edit content is dramatically reduced.

What is new for developers

Essentials has a new tool to assist in creating template queries for documents and document folders. This greatly simplifies the creation of these types of queries, specifying where specific document types will be created and configuring allowed document types for folders. This feature is available in BRE as well as Hippo CMS.


Support for seamless SPA integration in the Channel Manager

SPAs (Single Page Applications) have grown to be an important force in modern web application development. Many of the popular SPA frameworks, like React, Angular and Vue.js, each have their community of enthusiastic developers. Creating an efficient application maintenance and content management process around these SPAs comes with some challenges that are not addressed by these frameworks out-of-the-box:

  • How can we feed content from the CMS to the SPA easily without developing custom REST APIs?

  • How can we provide end users with intuitive editing features like drag & drop components, integrated preview, project workflow for SPAs?

  • How can we implement a mix of traditionally delivered pages and SPA pages?

In 12.3, we’ve added a 0.9 Page Model REST API that can be consumed by SPA frameworks like React, Angular and Vue.js. In addition to this, the Bloomreach Experience edition includes information needed to make the preview of the SPA available in the CMS Channel Manager in such a way that end users have the same interaction with it as a normal server-side rendered page. This means that drag & drop of components, modifying existing components, adding/deleting new pages, etc are all supported for the SPA as well. Even an hybrid approach is supported where you combine one or more SPAs with server side rendered pages in a single channel.

Open Source Release Policy and process

Privacy reminder

Minor release

V12.3 is a minor release. Furthermore, due to our higher release frequency for minor releases, this might not be the final minor release in the major version 12 range.

System support and requirements

Several changes in the system requirements have been made and some terminology changed. We added a new table to the system requirements that estimates the end-of-life dates of third party products our solution relies on and shows dates that we plan to introduce support for new third party software versions. This to enable better infra phase-in/phase-out planning for our customers. The full system requirements can be found here: Highlighted are:

  • Support for Debian 7 (Wheezy) is dropped as it is end-of-life.

  • Support for Tomcat 8.5 is phased in.

End-of-life and support

Support table for releases

Please note that this release triggers the end-of-life status of V12.1.

In the table below you can find the support status of your product and when support will end; this is dependent on  the version currently being used and license level. Please note that versions that are not listed are not active and not supported.

If you are on version:


You will receive support until the release of version:



Standard license

Premium license

10.2 (LTS)



No support

13.0 GA

11.2 (LTS)



13.0 GA

14.0 GA




No support (EOL)

No support (EOL)




No support (EOL)

No support (EOL)









13.0 GA (if 12.4 is final minor)

13.0 GA (if 12.4 is final minor)

(Orange cells indicate changes compared to the previous release)


  • Please note that we will drop support for Tomcat 8.0 around June 30 as it is end-of-life then. We will support Tomcat 8.5 for all active versions from 12.3 release onwards.

  • Please note that we intend to drop support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 around september as these products will be end-of-life (mainstream support) by then. Support for Windows Server will succeed at the same time for Windows Server 2016.

  • The support of JSP rendering templates for Essentials components will be ended by V13.


BloomReach Experience is available as from April 26, 2018 onwards.


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