Bloomreach Experience Manager V12.6.11 Release Notes

September 15, 2020

The new maintenance release 12.6.11 is available for general use for our customers and partners. This release includes bug fixes and improvements in core, enterprise and plugin artifacts.

The new versions of these module artifacts have been made available earlier and are now bundled up in this maintenance release. If your project uses such newer artifact versions via project pom overrides, please remove them before starting the upgrade procedure.

We encourage all projects to remain on the regular maintenance release. Using a tagged artifact that is not yet part of a maintenance release should only be done if there is a specific reason and only after testing in your specific project setup.

Update considerations


3rd party dependency changes

The following 3rd party dependencies have changed since the previous maintenance release. If your project directly uses any of these libraries, please validate compatability. For more information on changes in these  libraries please see information from the invidual vendors.

Package 12.6.10 version 12.6.11 version
org.slf4j/slf4j-api 1.7.25 1.7.30
org.apache.sanselan/sanselan 0.97-incubator Removed
commons-codec/commons-codec 1.10 1.14
commons-pool/commons-pool 1.5.7 1.6
org.yaml/snakeyaml 1.24 1.26
org.springframework/spring-context 4.3.20.RELEASE 4.3.27.RELEASE
org.springframework/spring-aop 4.3.20.RELEASE 4.3.27.RELEASE
org.springframework/spring-beans 4.3.20.RELEASE 4.3.27.RELEASE
org.springframework/spring-core 4.3.20.RELEASE 4.3.27.RELEASE
org.springframework/spring-expression 4.3.20.RELEASE 4.3.27.RELEASE
org.apache.commons/commons-lang3 3.8.1 3.9
org.apache.commons/commons-collections4 4.1 4.4
com.fasterxml.jackson.core/jackson-databind 2.10.1 2.10.5
com.fasterxml.jackson.core/jackson-annotations 2.10.1 2.10.5
com.fasterxml.jackson.core/jackson-core 2.10.1 2.10.5
com.fasterxml.jackson.jaxrs/jackson-jaxrs-json-provider 2.10.1 2.10.5
com.fasterxml.jackson.jaxrs/jackson-jaxrs-base 2.10.1 2.10.5
com.fasterxml.jackson.module/jackson-module-jaxb-annotations 2.10.1 2.10.5
commons-configuration/commons-configuration 1.7 1.10
commons-digester/commons-digester 1.8.1 Removed
com.fasterxml.jackson.dataformat/jackson-dataformat-yaml 2.9.10 2.11.1
org.springframework/spring-context-support 4.3.20.RELEASE 4.3.27.RELEASE
org.springframework/spring-web 4.3.20.RELEASE 4.3.27.RELEASE
org.springframework/spring-webmvc 4.3.20.RELEASE 4.3.27.RELEASE
org.springframework/spring-oxm 4.3.20.RELEASE 4.3.27.RELEASE 4.2.13.RELEASE 4.2.16.RELEASE 4.2.13.RELEASE 4.2.16.RELEASE 4.2.13.RELEASE 4.2.16.RELEASE
org.dom4j/dom4j 2.1.1 2.1.3
io.swagger/swagger-annotations 1.5.24 1.6.2
io.swagger/swagger-jaxrs 1.5.24 1.6.2
io.swagger/swagger-core 1.5.24 1.6.2
io.swagger/swagger-models 1.5.24 1.6.2


Overview of JIRA issues closed in Bloomreach Experience 12.6.11


  • ENT-1970 ] - [release, targeting] Upgrade to most recent ES7 version
  • ENT-1969 ] - [targeting] Change Targeting test browse from PhantomJS to Chrome
  • ENT-1946 ] - [2fa] Update Duo SDK Java client javascript to the latest release
  • ENT-1942 ] - [targeting] Remove elastic5 integration test
  • ENT-1915 ] - [targeting, release] Replace Jest client with Rest client
  • ENT-1905 ] - [reporting-dashboard] Set httpclient for reporting-dashboard to use the same version as the cms
  • ENT-1895 ] - [wpm] Set Camunda war overlay dependency scope as provided
  • ENT-1873 ] - [urlrewriter] Remove URL Rewrite Ant dependency
  • CMS-13831 ] - [configuration-management, essentials, project] Update Jackson dependency to 2.10.5 and update SnakeYAML to 1.26
  • CMS-13696 ] - [cms] Backport - Remove unused sanselan dependency
  • CMS-13660 ] - [essentials] Upgrade JQuery version installed with the Essentials skeleton to latest version
  • CMS-13624 ] - [project] Update Maven plugin dependencies
  • CMS-13584 ] - [project, release] Allow 'Bloomreach' as copyright owner in source file headers
  • CMS-13562 ] - [project] Bump log4j2.version to 2.13.3
  • CMS-13532 ] - [project, l10n-tooling] [Backport 12.6] Update Log4j2 to latest 2.11.1
  • CMS-13477 ] - [l10n-tooling] l10n-maven-plugin: Support skip configuration parameter for the report goal
  • CMS-13463 ] - [site-toolkit, testsuite, qa-testsuite] Remove outdated modules sandbox, solr-client and solr-content-beans
  • CMS-13448 ] -  Align v12.6 module major versions with the release version and set to 12
  • CMS-13435 ] - [project] Consolidate Apache commons dependencies and move dependency management to the project pom
  • CMS-13434 ] - [translations] Translations - run hippo-cms-l10n:report in the verify stage
  • CMS-13430 ] - Sync search-service property name from release pom to site-toolkit
  • CMS-13397 ] - Update Spring to the latest patch versions
  • CMS-13376 ] - [commons, repository, reporting-dashboard, targeting] Replace deprecated Maven Surefire option forkMode with forkCount reuseForks


  • ENT-1916 ] - [targeting] NoSuchElementException thrown while retrieving visitor data
  • ENT-1851 ] - Mime type and file size of avatar image upload are not validated.
  • CMS-13771 ] - [essentials, testsuite, eforms, replication, synchronization, wpm, hap, qa-testsuite] Archetype doesn't read log4j2-dev.xml any more in Windows (10)
  • CMS-13601 ] - [cms] Cross-site scripting found in the translations folder menu
  • CMS-13580 ] - [channel-manager, wpm] Accepting channel via channel manager fails
  • CMS-13393 ] - [cms] Failed CMS login doesn't give proper http response code
  • CMS-13388 ] - [archetype] SonarQube ErrorPage401.jsp Major Bug


  • ENT-1503 ] - [2fa] 2fa: cleaner implementation for ENT-1481
  • CMS-13865 ] - [cms, content-blocks, relateddocs, taxonomy, advanced-search, eforms, replication] Ensure Wicket forms only accept POST requests
  • CMS-13591 ] - [cms, repository, services-webfiles, site-toolkit, ldap] Run integration tests as separate stage in main pipeline
  • CMS-13422 ] - [project, testsuite, qa-testsuite, repository, site-toolkit, targeting, wpm, hap] Upgrade or remove test dependencies with vulnerabilities
  • CMS-13004 ] - [archetype] Add gitignore to the archetype

New Feature

  • CMS-13540 ] - [services-htmlprocessor] [HTML Processor] Add configuration option for filtering attributes with a data: protocol


Totals for issues in this release

  • Tasks 23
  • Bugs 7
  • Improvements 5
  • New Features 1
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