BloomReach Experience Manager V13.0.1 Release Notes

March 20th, 2019

The new maintenance release 13.0.1 is available for general use for our customers and partners. This release includes bug fixes and improvements in core, enterprise and plugin artifacts.

The new versions of these module artifacts have been made available earlier and are now bundled up in this maintenance release. If your project uses such newer artifact versions via project pom overrides, please remove them before starting the upgrade procedure.

We encourage all projects to remain on the regular maintenance release. Using a tagged artifact that is not yet part of a maintenance release should only be done if there is a specific reason and only after testing in your specific project setup.

Known issues

  • We have found an issue with the enterprise-licensed Replication Add-on of Bloomreach Experience Manager, which makes it work less reliably in versions 13.0 and 13.1 than it used to in previous versions. While we are working on fixing this issue, we recommend users of this add-on not to upgrade to version 13 yet. We expect to have this issue fixed in version 13.2.



hippo-addon-channel-manager - Version 13.0.1


  • CHANNELMGR-2312 ] - [Backport to 13.0.1] present the message of a short-circuited channel manager event to the end user
  • CHANNELMGR-2279 ] - [Backport to 13.0] Disable "Go to content perspective" button while the visual editor is loading
  • CHANNELMGR-2253 ] - Regression: Selection in Menu Editor is broken
  • CHANNELMGR-2250 ] - hippo-addon-channel-manager-repository artifact pulls in CMS and wicket jars

hippo-addon-crisp - Version 13.0.1


  • CRISP-77 ] - Simple mock support to override ResourceServiceBroker in unit tests by returning json file data
  • CRISP-76 ] - Add ResourceServiceBroker#resolveFullURI(...)
  • CRISP-75 ] - Add simple HttpClientBuilderFactoryBean for easy, advanced http connection pool configuration
  • CRISP-74 ] - [Backport 13.0] In ResourceResolver bean configuration, variables defined in cannot be expanded

hippo-addon-eforms - Version 13.0.1


  • EFORMS-557 ] - Email address should use UTF-8 encoding and not rely on system encoding

hippo-addon-targeting - Version 13.0.1


  • BT-2133 ] - MarkerClusterer click property not initialized properly
  • BT-2091 ] - MomentJSHeaderItem doesn't take complete locale into account

hippo-cms - Version 13.0.1


  • CMS-11770 ] - [Backport to 13.0] Error Perhaps the behavior did not properly implement getStatelessHint() and returned 'true' to indicate that it is stateless instead of returning 'false'
  • CMS-11766 ] - Plain REST service setup not working
  • CMS-11735 ] - Upgrade Spring Security & Spring Security OAuth
  • CMS-11728 ] - Avoid incorrectly an error being logged after change password
  • CMS-11689 ] - Wrong German translations in CMS
  • CMS-11662 ] - Wrong transitive dependencies being pulled
  • CMS-11651 ] - SPA support with SDK does not seem to be working with multiple channel paths on 12.6.0 or 12.6.1 - Channel Manager is not showing the Top Toolbar
  • CMS-11643 ] - Suppress javadoc lint errors with the 3.0 Javadoc plugin
  • CMS-11638 ] - [Backport 13.0] Channel settings dropdown display values not shown when using a ValueListProvider
  • CMS-11201 ] - Exception in logs when closing image upload dialog box early


  • CMS-11726 ] - Upgrade Tika to 1.20 & PdfBox to 2.0.13
  • CMS-11696 ] - CredentialCipher and UrlSafeBase64 should be deprecated since unused
  • CMS-11682 ] - Update copyright statement on login page to 2019 and remove B.V.
  • CMS-11664 ] - Evict hippo-cargo-extensions from the release train
  • CMS-11657 ] - Remove low-value demo submodules
  • CMS-11644 ] - Add links config for maven javadoc plugin
  • CMS-11615 ] - Upgrade to Wicket 7.11.0
  • CMS-10967 ] - Improve extendability of AbstractGalleryProcessor, ScalingGalleryProcessorPlugin


  • CMS-11727 ] - Upgrade Spring to 5.1.5.RELEASE
  • CMS-11693 ] - Upgrade Jackson to 2.9.8

hippo-repository - Version 13.0.1


  • REPO-2179 ] - Duplicate key name 'REPOSITORY_HIPPO_LOCK_idx_1' thrown when concurrently starting multiple instances on new MySQL database
  • REPO-2166 ] - Console YAML Export: Encoding issue


  • REPO-2178 ] - Throw MalformedPathException instead of StringIndexOutOfBoundException exception in case of invalid xpath

hippo-site-toolkit - Version 13.0.1


  • HSTTWO-4555 ] - Concurrency issues with HstModel loading
  • HSTTWO-4548 ] - Containers & Components in the pagemodel api are missing the HST-LockedBy and HST-LockedBy-Current-User metadata
  • HSTTWO-4547 ] - [Backport to 13.0.1] Jaxrs client exception classes not part of api
  • HSTTWO-4544 ] - On jenkins, occasionally many integration tests fail
  • HSTTWO-4541 ] - HstLinkProcessorChain with different context for postProcess and preProcess
  • HSTTWO-4534 ] - Request for /hst:platform try to match site hosts instead of the cms host


  • HSTTWO-4527 ] - [Backport 13.0] HstModelProvider should be by default on project's compile path
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