Bloomreach Experience Manager V14.1.1-1 Release Notes

May 22, 2020

The new major release 14.1.1-1 is available for general use for our customers and partners. This release includes bug fixes and improvements in core, enterprise and plugin artifacts. For a summary of changes, please refer to the release announcement.

The release 14.1.1 has been superceded due to issues found during the release process. Please avoid using this early version.

Overview of JIRA issues closed in this release

hippo-cms - Version 14.1.1


  • CMS-13323 ] - Cannot execute "mvn versions:display-dependency-updates -DallowAnyUpdates=false -DallowMajorUpdates=false" on projects above 13.3 due to Unable to acquire metadata for dependencies
  • CMS-13320 ] - Console is not working after login (NullPointerException)
  • CMS-13318 ] - SPA Integration Demo Essentials feature broken (ConstraintViolationException)
  • CMS-13302 ] - IndexOutOfBoundsException thrown in ConfigurationConfigService
  • CMS-13298 ] - HST integration tests can hang
  • CMS-13296 ] - Regression: CDN host used in preview Page Model API
  • CMS-13229 ] - When the derived data engine has to access a property from version history an IllegalStateException is thrown and it should not.
  • CMS-13207 ] - SPA demo essentials plugin breaks the project
  • CMS-13154 ] - Page Model API does not allow credentials for requests other than OPTIONS
  • CMS-13128 ] - Going back to document search is not working
  • CMS-13120 ] - ObjectConverter throws InstantiationException when DynamicBeanService#createBeanDefinition method returns HippoCompound
  • CMS-13119 ] - OpenUIString field doesn't get added to dynamic generated bean
  • CMS-13108 ] - Optional compound fields show without label after 14.1
  • CMS-13027 ] - Taxonomy / Selections: regression: Validation errors for fields/values not shown
  • CMS-13015 ] - Selections plugin: selected values get lost in case field is multiple
  • CMS-13008 ] - Backport CMS-12213 - Browser caches a resource (pdf) because of Cache control on link to resource in cms
  • CMS-12991 ] - As long as the 'autohosttemplate' doesn't function well in HST, remove essentials AutoHostTemplateInstruction
  • CMS-12546 ] - [Restyling] Project update/merge with conflict UI issues
  • CMS-12543 ] - Folder order dialog list scrolls to the top after selection and it should not
  • CMS-12536 ] - Wicket warning about "id" attribute
  • CMS-12535 ] - [Restyling] check boxes are shown below labels instead of next to them
  • CMS-12530 ] - Relevance variant list has no scroll bar
  • CMS-12378 ] - Unable to create multi-values prop from derived data functions


  • CMS-13333 ] - Remove usage and dependency of metadata-extractor
  • CMS-13330 ] - Remove dynamic bean logging from hst content beans test log4j configuration
  • CMS-13319 ] - Set dynamic bean log level to info on archetype project by default
  • CMS-13287 ] - Improve loading behavior of brXM app in UUI
  • CMS-13007 ] - Support creating getters of properties which are not a known type for dynamic beans
  • CMS-12875 ] - Remove references to StandardContainerComponent in automatic upgrade
  • CMS-12801 ] - Upgrade to Jackrabbit 2.18.5 and Tika 1.24.1

New Feature

  • CMS-13177 ] - Add selected keys/labels of selections/taxonomy fields into content feed output
  • CMS-13039 ] - [Selections] Verify dynamic bean support & expose in PMA of selections plugin


  • CMS-13300 ] - Remove the autohosttemplate related code for automatic host addition
  • CMS-13133 ] - Inconsistent behavior in the preview of projects
  • CMS-12507 ] - Update SPA demo Docker image
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