Bloomreach Experience Manager V14.2.2 Release Notes

June 5, 2020

The new maintenance release 14.2.2 is available for general use for our customers and partners. This release includes a number of bug fixes in core, enterprise and plugin artifacts.

Update considerations

Changed Default Behavior SecureCmsResourceServlet

Experience manager resources such as Javascript, CSS, and font files are served from JAR files by the SecureCmsResourceServlet. In Bloomreach Experience Manager 14.2.1 and earlier, the SecureCmsResourceServlet only served such resources to authenticated CMS users. This could lead to issues with external frontend applications which would not be able to access these resources needed for channel editing integration.

To prevent such issues, as of version 14.2.2, the SecureCmsResourceServlet by default does not require an authenticated CMS session anymore to serve Experience manager resources from JAR files.

For more details, see the upgrade documentation: Upgrade 14.2.1 to 14.2.2


  • [CMS-13368] - [Saas] Channel toolbar is not displayed if you go first to an SPA channel
  • [CMS-13417] - HCM feature .meta:add-new-system-values doesn't retain existing values without an existing baseline configuration
  • [CMS-13419] - Improve SameSite cookies to be compatible with new versions of Chrome
  • [CMS-13437] - Fix publishing via NPM in Angular SPA SDK
  • [CMS-13446] - Relevance is not working for SSR SPA channels
  • [ACCEL-1213] - Fresh install of the Commerce Accelerator B2C 14.3.0-SNAPSHOT fails


  • [CMS-12864] - Dynamic bean generation does not work with Related Documents plugin
  • [CMS-13162] - Move library code under @bloomreach/vue-sdk workspace
  • [CMS-13163] - Move Vue.js demo app under @bloomreach/example-vue-csr
  • [CMS-13165] - Cover Vue.js SDK code by unit-tests
  • [CMS-13166] - Create Nuxt.js application
  • [CMS-13218] - Write readme documentation for Vue.js SPA SDK
  • [ACCEL-1304] - Define dependencies explicitly for the accelerator maven plugin
  • [ENT-1895] - Set Camunda war overlay dependency scope as provided
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