Bloomreach Experience Manager V14.2.3 Release Notes

October 22, 2020

The new maintenance release of 14.2.3 now available. This release is for the exclusive purpose of supporting rolling upgrades of multi-node clusters to the 14.3.3 version. Because of other improvements in the 14.3.x line, we do not recommend running this version of 14.2.3 for any other reason.

In order to support rolling upgrades of a live multi-node cluster, it is required to upgrade to version 14.2.3 first, before upgrading to version 14.3.3. Upgrading a cluster directly to 14.3.3 with a rolling upgrade may result in data corruption. Note that a blue-green deployment strategy with two separate clusters is always recommended for production environments. 

Overview of JIRA issues closed in Bloomreach Experience 14.2.3


  • CMS-14076 ] - [repository] HippoNodeTypeRegistry.externalRegistered method doesn't properly suppress persisting node type changes from a cluster event
  • CMS-14073 ] - [12 modules] Upgrading to v14.3.x in a running cluster may cause possibly intermittent failures reloading the site on not-yet-upgraded instances
  • CMS-13610 ] - [site-toolkit] Content rewriter for PageModelApi can result in NPE in case of broken links
  • CMS-13580 ] - [channel-manager, wpm] Accepting channel via channel manager fails


  • CMS-13707 ] - [repository] hippo:identifiable mixin is not "jackrabbit trivial", so cannot be applied during upgrade


Totals for issues in this release

  • Bugs 4
  • Tasks 1
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