Bloomreach Experience Manager V15.0 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce a new version of Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM). This major release introduces new functionality and a number of useful improvements to the product. In this document we will give a brief overview of the highlights in this release. You can also find these release notes at:

Highlights for v15.0

Please note that as a result of our security release policy the public availability of the community source code and artifacts for all active releases will follow in about six weeks. Customers however, have immediate access to these new releases at the release date.

Everything mentioned in this document is an integral part of Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM), unless mentioned otherwise. 

Key New Features

Java 11 and Wicket 9 upgrades

For developers, the highly anticipated Java 11 upgrade for brXM is here. Developers can get started with multiple improvements this brings to meet with more modern development practices, making it easier to develop against brXM as well as to use the customization aspects that our customers have come to love of our platform. For a list of all changes refer to JDK 11 release notes.

The Java upgrade also unlocks upgrading to version 9.7 of the Apache Wicket UI framework. This brings several additional features such as:

  • A new Content Security Policy improves the security of brXM by adding a layer of security making it easier to detect and mitigate against certain types of attacks.

  • Additions such as not being reliant on custom time classes, but rather using the default Java classes

  • Logging Javascript debug messages into the browser console rather than a separate debug window

  • Improved performance of page serialization when in development mode

Instant preview

Editing in the experience manager offers a visual preview of the changes while they are being made. This much loved functionality by customers has gotten an upgrade to make the editing experience even more seamless and enjoyable with instant preview. 

While editing a document or component parameters, editors will now see the preview update dynamically as the changes are being made. This way the editor is able to become more efficient by  inspecting the changes visually in the experience manager before requesting a publication or saving changes. It brings a visually more engaging editing experience and reduces unnecessary version clutter for documents by having to press the ‘save’ button less. The instant preview will update while updating, adding and removing document or component fields as well as adding or re-ordering compound fields.

Separate release lifecycle for SPA SDKs

To make developing a front-end for Bloomreach Experience Manager easier, we introduced the SPA SDKs. In the field of front-end development, changes happen incredibly quickly. To keep our SPA SDKs relevant to our customers, we’ve decided to separate the release lifecycle of the SPA SDKs from the brXM releases. This allows us to update the SPA SDKs more frequently, without having to wait for a brXM release, which occurs less frequently.

Customers who are on brXM v14.6 or lower should stick with their respective SPA SDK version. Starting with v14.7 and ongoing in v15.0 we recommend customers to use the latest version found on Github up until the next brXM minor or major release. Upgrade steps for the SPA SDKs can be found within the readme and upgrade notes in the file. 

Other GraphQL Service Goodies

  • The BigCommerce connector now allows sorting by id and creation date now works for order data sources

  • The SAP connector now includes AIR key

  • The commercetools  connector now allows additional fields to be exposed for discounts, returning a whole streetAddress, works with Variant in Wishlist and supports Addition parameters in the FindWishlist functionality. On top of tha, categories can now be returned as part of the product results

Ongoing Improvements

For end users

  • Hitting ‘Enter’ in the search bar for the link picker now executes the search query

  • Several improvements to the sitemap have been made, such as: preventing page titles from overlapping, showing page titles in the tooltip by hovering and the search input is now shown appropriately when scrolling

  • The notification banner now shows the latest information in case of a rejected publication request

  • Component icons that didn't show up in certain hosting setups now render in the channel manager as expected

  • Compound fields can now be edited and viewed in the visual editor and rich text fields are now scaled properly

  • Fixed an issue where some clients were not able to upload a CSV file into the assets because of an error

For developers

  • Culturally insensitive terms have been removed across the Bloomreach products and codebase, this may affect Java classes, configuration files, parameter names or API related parameters.

  • No longer are all HCM actions executed with every deployment

  • The default value for pageSize can now be overridden in the DocumentQueryDynamicComponentInfo

  • Binaries now show up in the site appropriately when binary attachments are updated

  • Category.sort.options now works as expected for the taxonomy editor plugin

  • The default targeting cookie / header name changed from “_visitor” to “visitor” for improved compatibility with proxies like NGINX which by default drop cookies and headers starting with an underscore


Deprecations and dropped support

This major release includes several deprecations or features where we dropped support. Below is a list of the most important features, but please refer to the upgrade documentation to assess the impact of these deprecations:

  • Support for Delivery API v0.9 has been removed 

  • Camunda Business Process management support has been dropped which was used in the Projects feature and was no longer required since v14.2

  • Support for HST Enterprise Caching has been removed

  • EForms now no longer supports creating PDFs based on EForm values.

  • The legacy Java-based Starter Store has been removed.

  • Several 3rd party libraries have been upgraded

Major release

v15.0 is a major release, so it is not backwards compatible with the previous releases. Also, updating to this version from the latest minor version will take some additional effort. Specific upgrade instructions for this release can be found in our documentation [1] for enterprise customers (requires a login). An overview of all upgrade instructions for minor versions in this major release can be found in our documentation [2] as well.

Supported Technologies

The full system requirements can be found in the online system requirements [3]. This page also includes a detailed table of maintained third party compatibility.

End-of-life, support and maintained code

Nomenclature refresher

As the terms ‘end-of-life’, ‘supported’, ‘maintained’ are used in various ways in our industry, we clarify the nomenclature we use for this below.

Supported product version

When a product is supported, this means that the customer will receive help from the helpdesk when issues arise as described in the service level agreement (SLA) that the customer has with Bloomreach. There are several service levels available. 

Please note that if a bug is acknowledged in a supported, but not-maintained version, and a fix is needed, this fix will only be applied in the maintained product versions. This means the customer will need to move to a maintained version to receive the fix. 

Maintained product version

When a product is maintained, the product code is updated and security- and bug fixes are made to the code. For maintained products, the system requirements for third party libraries and components are kept updated as well. Please note that we do not provide support for system requirement providers (e.g. databases, java, etc..), but we only support the usage for mentioned certified system requirement providers. 

If a product is non-maintained, this means that the code is not maintained anymore and therefore might contain bugs and/or security vulnerabilities due to newly discovered issues in our code, or the libraries used.

End-of-life product version

Products that are not maintained and not supported are end-of-life. These might be available from our archives but could be removed without notice.

What does this mean for the current release?

Please note that this release changes existing maintenance or support modes. In the table below you can find the support status of your product and when support will end; this is dependent on  the version currently being used and license level. Please note that versions that are not listed are not active and not supported, and therefore end-of-life.


Planned end date of 

Standard Support 

Planned end date of 

Premium Plus Support

Original major version

release date


No Support

No support

July 2017


April 2022

April 2023

Jan 2019


April 2023

April 2024

Dec 2019


April 2024

April 2025

April 2022

Figure: reference table of planned end of support dates based on current SLA terms. Supported versions may differ depending on contractual agreements.

Security notes

This release includes updates for 3rd party dependencies that have published vulnerabilities. It also includes fixes for medium-severity issues identified in the product itself. These issues will be disclosed to customers separately, and publicly in 6 weeks. We recommend that customers keep their systems up to date with announced product releases.


This version of brXM is available as of April 12th, 2022 onwards, the release of the open source will be made available after approximately six weeks due to our release policy.






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