Bloomreach Launches New Marketplace

​ Niklas Winkels

​ 2019-06-11

Bloomreach Launches New Marketplace


Content Management is about Integration

Bloomreach understands that you are dealing with an existing enterprise architecture. Rather than trying to be a solution for everything, Experience Manager is designed to be the web content management piece that will fit into your existing puzzle.

You are in control of the puzzle and we make sure the Bloomreach Experience Manager piece fits in by providing the required integration points. This gives you web content management and relevant multi-channel content delivery and allows you to integrate them with and leverage your existing solutions for everything else - solutions you carefully selected for good reasons.


Launch of new Marketplace

Bloomreach launches a brand-new Marketplace which makes it easier than ever for customers to discover the right solutions!

Discover and download plugins, connectors, integrations and interoperability tools for many popular third-party systems. The Marketplace extends Bloomreach Experience with additional capabilities and offers full integration with your IT infrastructure.

A great example is content integration. It's a common requirement in today’s web content management. Your enterprise architecture may include several content-related systems such as Document Management and Digital Asset Management Systems, eCommerce Product Catalogs and Product Information Systems. Perhaps legacy content needs to be taken into account as well. Bloomreach Experience Manager’s architecture provides integration points at all relevant places where content is created, managed, published, processed or otherwise handled.



Featured Integrations on the new Bloomreach Marketplace are:


  1. Bynder

    Digital assets are a critical component for every digital touchpoint. With the Bloomreach Experience Manager integration, you can use your Bynder-stored digital media (images, videos, and documents) directly in Bloomreach, which saves time searching and viewing assets.
    When you use Bynder assets in Bloomreach, your site always displays the most up-to-date assets, directly sourced from Bynder for complete peace of mind. This ensures all digital content is consistent with your brand identity—helping teams deliver intuitive digital experiences.
  2. Commeretools Starter Store

    Headless Commerce Galore! commercetools is a cloud-based enterprise e-commerce platform that allows merchants to orchestrate and interconnect individual systems and services seamlessly to deliver a world-class shopping experience for web, smartphone, tablet, point of sale and any other emerging channel, technology or device. Providing all essential functions in the form of a scalable API, commercetools enables real multichannel use cases with one central platform for all product, inventory, customer and transaction data.


  3. Elastic Path Starter Store

    Bloomreach has a global partnership with Elastic Path Software Inc. in response to the ever-growing demand for experience-driven e-commerce.
    The partnership focuses on delivering customised integrated solutions via Elastic Path’s API-based eCommerce platforms and BloomReach DXP.
    Elastic Path empowers people to create value from innovative digital experiences. The software seamlessly adds omnichannel e-commerce, subscriptions, and legacy systems connectivity to digital engagement platforms, enabling companies to deliver outstanding customer experiences that maximize engagement and conversion.


  4. BigCommerce Starter Store

    BigCommerce has partnered with Bloomreach to offer experience-driven merchants a best-of-breed commerce solution. The BigCommerce for Bloomreach connector allows sellers to integrate a digital experience front-end powered by Bloomreach with a scalable commerce engine delivered by BigCommerce.


But it's not just content integration that makes Bloomreach stand out. A key strength of Bloomreach Experience Manager is relevant content delivery, achieved through collecting and analyzing visitor data. This process is designed to integrate with your existing enterprise architecture and leverage any data you have about your customers and leads in your CRM, Marketing Automation, E-commerce or any other systems.

The same goes for frontend technology. Bloomreach Experience Manager’s powerful delivery tier offers extreme flexibility in this area. In addition to native content aggregation and page rendering capabilities, it also provides all the necessary integration points to enable the use of other frontend technologies and frameworks.

Head over to to discover and download plugins, connectors, integrations and interoperability tools for many popular third-party systems.


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