Introducing the Bloomreach Contribution Program!

​ Niklas Winkels

​ 2019-03-25



TL;DR: Join the Contribution Program. Our new initiative to support you in sharing knowledge with the community!

Here at Bloomreach, we love developers. Serving and giving back to the community is one of the most rewarding things we do. We want to give back to the developer community by sharing knowledge on CMS & Search related topics through blog posts, videos, tutorials, meetups, conferences, webinars, and other events.

What is the Bloomreach Contribution Program?

The Contribution Program gives you a platform to share your ideas with the Bloomreach community and the rest of the world. Whether it's a blog post, a video tutorial or something we can not even think of, we want to hear from you and help you to create content that educates and inspires others to join the Bloomreach Community.

Our team of professional writers is there to support you in finding the best words and Bloomreach will distribute your piece so that it reaches the right people.


Why join?

Global Recognition

Display the Bloomreach Contributor badge on your profile to show that you’re an expert on Bloomreach's technology. Put your name in front of prospective clients, partners and customers.

Boost your Career

Develop a skill that never goes out of style - with the help of a large community and industry professionals.


Get rewarded at every step of the way with a 150$ Amazon voucher, shirts, stickers and more.


The Bloomreach Community Program is here to support those of you who put the extra effort to contribute to the developer community. We encourage you to reach the following milestones with your contributions:

Writing a blog post

Content management is in an exciting phase of exploration, learning and growth. The Bloomreach Developer blog is one way in which we can document and share what we find along the way.

If you want to share something with the broader developer community, you might like to submit a piece for publication here.

Sharing a tutorial or how-to

Getting developers to try out Bloomreach is great; getting them to come back because they had a great experience is even better. We're actively looking for contributions to improve our tutorials and how-tos. If you'd like to write a whole new tutorial that's great as well! We look forward to your ideas!

Build a plugin

If you build a quality plugin that users can't have enough of, we want to add to your efforts to improve and grow your contribution. In fact, we have a whole site dedicated to building community-driven plugins, the Bloomreach Forge.


How do I get started?

So you have an idea on what to write about and are totally stoked to get started? Open a new issue on GitHub or comment on an existing one, and someone from our developer relations team will reach out to you to discuss if your topic is a good fit. If your topic is selected, we will move your story to the project board and help you with everything you need.

Get Started Now!

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