Hippo is now Bloomreach

​ Niklas Winkels

​ 2019-02-05

Hippo CMS is now Bloomreach Experience Manager!

In case you missed it 🔎 

In October 2016 Bloomreach acquired Hippo - and we’ve been busy combining Blooreach’s leading machine learning and big data technologies with Hippo’s agile, open-source CMS to bring you Bloomreach Experience -  the first truly open and intelligent digital experience platform. This powerful combination is poised to drive best-in-class digital experiences across all industries, organisations, and digital devices.


What this means

The developer community will, of course, remain a core part of the business. The Hippo Community Edition, formerly known as “Hippo CMS” is now available as “Bloomreach Experience Manager - Developer Edition” and will be developed under its current Apache software license. The software will continue to be open source and Bloomreach remains committed to contributing to open source projects, particularly to the Apache Software Foundation.


Onehippo.org is now documentation.bloomreach.com

Bloomreach will also continue to maintain the former website onehippo.org which is now available at documentation.bloomreach.com.

What does this mean for you as a Hippo customer, partner, or developer? When it comes to day-to-day interactions, integrations, and agreements, not much changes. In the bigger picture, the Hippo brand will fold under the Bloomreach brand.

You’ll continue to work with your favorite Hippo people - now equipped with new Bloomreach business cards and an updated website.

If you have any questions about the transition from onehippo.org to documentation.bloomreach.com, please don’t hesitate and shoot me an email at [email protected].

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