This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 11. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Open Platform

An Open Content Management Platform

We think you’ll love Hippo CMS/DX for its modern, open web content management platform designed for today’s and tomorrow’s enterprise architectures.

It’s open source and based on open standards - as we truly believe this is the best way to develop software.

Hippo offers a Java-based modular architecture in which every component is extensible and every feature can be exposed to other systems.

The platform maintains a clean separation of concerns between content and presentation, and between authoring and delivery.

It’s designed to fit in with your existing enterprise architecture and infrastructure.

Designed for Integration

Hippo is designed to integrate with existing enterprise architectures. It fits well in the Java and web landscape through the use of proven technologies like JSP, Freemarker, Spring and CXF, and open standards like JCR, JAXB and JAX-RS.

Hippo’s powerful delivery tier can seamlessly integrate all your content sources, and optimize personalization and conversion by leveraging all the data you have on your visitors. The delivery tier also integrates well with any frontend technology so you can make the most of your existing stack and in-house expertise.

Get Started Quickly

We aim to make it as easy as possible to get up and running with Hippo CMS/DX.

If you haven’t worked with Hippo before, our online demo lets you test drive Hippo DX any time so you can get a feel for the product and try out its extensive set of content management features.

The familiar Java development environment you know and love will make you feel at home instantly and our online labs and trails will help you learn the basics of developing content types, pages, components, and templates in no time.

Once you start developing, our setup application and feature library enable quick scaffolding of your own Hippo-based projects and enforce best practices.

Have questions or need some fellow Hippo developers to bounce your ideas off? An active and open developer community is putting its collective knowledge at your disposal.

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