This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 11. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Checker Repository Maintenance Tool



Download, configure and use the Checker repository maintenance tool.

Use Cases

Hippo provides the Checker tool to enable administrators to perform the following repository maintenance tasks:

Each of the above tasks has a dedicated documentation page containing specific details and usage instructions.

However the same Checker tool is used for each of the above tasks and below are generic instructions for downloading, configuring and using it.

Generic Usage Instructions


Download hippo-addon-checker.jar from the Hippo Maven repository. Make sure to download the latest version.

Generic Usage

After downloading hippo-addon-checker.jar you can run it using:

java -jar hippo-addon-checker.jar <command>

Try the help command to get a list of options and a basic explanation of their usage.

The hippo-addon-checker.jar ships only with the driver for MySQL included. To run the tool against a different database you must run it using an alternative command:
java -cp "hippo-addon-checker.jar:mydriver.jar" org.onehippo.cms7.repository.checker.Main <command>

Generic Configuration

First create a generic repository configuration file by running:

java -jar checker.jar config > checker-repository.xml

The generated checker-repository.xml file contains example settings for a MySQL database. Modify the contents of this file to match your environment. See Configure Hippo for your Database Server for example configurations for supported database servers.

Next create a generic file by running:

java -jar hippo-addon-checker.jar props >

The contents of the generated file must be modified to match your situation.

Specify the repository configuration file to use (see above):


Specify the Jackrabbit file storage location, e.g.:


Be careful not to use the same storage location as you used when running Hippo CMS. The workspace.xml in there will contain settings that are not understood by the checker, particularly data sources and the search index implementation. The checker does not need a search index so that is left out of the sample configuration.

Task-Specific Configuration and Usage

Once the checker tool has been configured as above, proceed to the relevant task's dedicated documentation page for further instructions:


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