This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 11. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Content Blocks Configuration


The Content Blocks plugin can be added to your project and configured using Hippo's setup application.



  1. Using Hippo's setup applicationadd Content Blocks to your project.
  2. Rebuild and  restart your project.
  3. In the setup application, find Content Blocks under Installed features and choose 'Configure'.
  4. Select the document type you want to add content block fields to.
  5. To add a new content blocks field, click the Add button and enter the following configuration parameters.
    1. Field name: the name to be displayed above the field in the CMS Document Editor.
    2. Picker type (links or dropdown): show the UI element to add a content block as links or as dropdown.
    3. Max Blocks: the maximum number of blocks that can be added to the field (leave empty for no limit).
    4. Used Compounds: select two or more from the available compound types.
    5. Save changes.
At this point the setup application's Beanwriter tool does not support content blocks. You will have to manually add a get method for each content blocks field to the content bean as described on the Content Blocks and Delivery Tier page.

Advanced configuration

Some additional options can be configured through JCR properties using the CMS Console.

These JCR properties are stored on the following node:


For example, for a project myhippoproject and a document type contentdocument with a content blocks field blocks the configuration properties are stored on the node:


Show the Names of the Block Types

Optionally an additional label can be rendered above each content block showing the name of that block's compound type.

To enable this, add a boolean property showCompoundNames with value true to the cluster.options node.

For example:

  - showCompoundNames = true [boolean]

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