This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 11. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Using the Essentials Setup Application with Existing Hippo Projects

The Essentials setup application is designed to work with Hippo projects using version 7.9 or later. While using Essentials is the recommended way to set up a new Hippo project, you may be dealing with an older project that has been upgraded to CMS 7.9 or later.

This page provides some information on how you can take advantage of parts of the Essentials setup application even if your project has not been set up using Essentials.

Adding the Essentials setup application to your project

While it is possible to add the Essentials setup application to your existing 7.9 (or later) Hippo project, you should be warned that the project structure set up by the setup application may conflict with the already existing structure of your project. While adding Essentials to your project may provide you with useful tooling, Essentials currently doesn't guarantee that all interactions with an existing Hippo project will work smoothly. If you decide to add Essentials to your existing Hippo project, make sure you use your VCS in order to detect and revert undesired changes to your project.

That said, here is a page describing the steps you'll have to take to add the setup dashboard to your existing Hippo project.

Using the generic HST Components

The Hippo setup application uses a set of generic, parameterized HST components. In order to make these HST components available to your upgraded Hippo project, include the following dependency in your site module’s pom.xml:

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