This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 11. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Managing System Users


Some CMS user accounts are used by the system internally. Examples are a 'site' user that is used by the HST to read content from the repository, or an 'import user' that is used by an external application when connecting to the Hippo Repository in order to import content from an external system.

System users 

Such users should be marked as so-called 'system users'. System users are prevented from logging in to the CMS and Console applications for instance. They also don't show up in the user administration panel in the administration perspective to prevent them from easily being deleted from there by mistake. Finally, system users' passwords don't expire like those of regular users. Regular users can be notified that their passwords are about to expire, there is no such feedback channel for system users. If a system user were to be locked out because of an expired password, critical functionality might unexpectedly stop working.


In the CMS Console you can find all users in the following folder:


To mark the user as a 'system user' you can set the hipposys:system boolean property to true.

For more information you can also check the Hippo documentation site with more information about Hippo CMS user management and group management.

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