This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 11. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Configure the Relevance Module's Tracking Cookie Policy



Configure the Relevance Module to allow site visitors to opt in or opt out of tracking.


The Relevance Module 'tracks' site visitors using a cookie and stores data gathered about visitors. The module's Personalization, Experiments, and Trends features make use of those data.

To comply with local legislation (for example, the EU "Cookie Law"), it may be required to allow website visitors to opt-out (or explicitly opt-in) of the kind of tracking performed by the Relevance Module. This behavior can be enabled through configuration and relies on the visitor's preference being stored in a cookie. This page describes the configuration options with examples.

It is up to the delivery tier implementation to render the UI through which the visitor can opt in or opt out, and to set the actual cookie containing the visitor's preference. See Implement Tracking Cookie Consent for an example implementation using a drop-in Javascript solution.


The tracking cookie policy is configured through four properties on the node /targeting:targeting:

Name Type Default Description
targeting:consentCookieEnabled Boolean false If false, visitors are always tracked and can't opt out.
targeting:consentCookieName String   The name of the cookie used to control tracking.
targeting:consentCookieValue String   The value the contents of the cookie is compared to.
targeting:consentCookieOptIn Boolean   If true, tracking is allowed only if the cookie is present and its value matches the consentCookieValue.
If false, tracking is allowed unless the cookie is present and its contents match consentCookieValue.


Track all visitors, don't ask for consent:

  - targeting:consentCookieEnabled = false

Ask for consent, allow opt-out:

  - targeting:consentCookieEnabled = true
  - targeting:consentCookieOptIn = false
  - targeting:consentCookieName = visitortracking
  - targeting:consentCookieValue = disallowed

Ask for consent, allow opt-in (see Implement Tracking Cookie Consent for an example delivery tier implementation):

  - targeting:consentCookieEnabled = true
  - targeting:consentCookieOptIn = true
  - targeting:consentCookieName = visitortracking
  - targeting:consentCookieValue = allowed
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