This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 11. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Limit the Number of Values in a Multiple Value Field


The CMS supports document fields of "type"  multiple. By default, the CMS imposes no limit on how many instances of such a field an author can create inside a single document. There may be a need to set an upper limit to the number of instances of this field inside a single document, e.g. pick no more than 5 related articles for a single news item document.

How to?

You can only configure an upper limit through the Console. Navigate to  /hippo:namespaces/<project-name>/<document-type>/editor:templates/_default_/<field-name> and add a property of type Long, called maxitems. The numeric value defines the upper bound on how many instances of the field you may create inside a single document. Such an upper bound is supported for both property-based fields (e.g. fields of type String) and child node-based fields (e.g. compound fields such as Link). 


Below screenshot shows how an upper bound of 2 or 3 look in the CMS Document Editor. Note how the upper bound is indicated and, when reached, there is no more  Add button.

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