This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 11. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Menu Locking

When one webmaster makes changes in a menu item through the Channel Editor as described in  Enable 'edit menu' button that opens the menu editor, the entire menu gets locked. Other webmasters cannot edit that specific menu until the first webmaster publishes or discards their changes.  

Note that through the Channel Editor only the menus inside the hst:workspace can be edited. The non-workspace menus can be edited through the HST Configuration Editor as well, see  HST Configuration Editor locking. In the latter case the locking is not on menu level but on menus level: in other words, all menus get locked at the same time. 

When a webmaster publishes changes made to the menu through the Channel Editor, the entire live menu gets replaced. For example, assume the following configuration:

 + hst:hst
  + hst:configurations
      + example
      |  + hst:workspace
      |     + hst:sitemenus                  [hst:sitemenus]
      |        + main                        [hst:sitemenu]
      |            + home                    [hst:sitemenuitem]
      |            + about                   [hst:sitemenuitem]
      |        + footer                      [hst:sitemenu]
      |            + address                 [hst:sitemenuitem]
      |            + contact                 [hst:sitemenuitem]
      + example-preview
         + hst:workspace
            + hst:sitemenus                  [hst:sitemenus]
                + main                       [hst:sitemenu]
                    - hst:lockedby = john
                    + home                   [hst:sitemenuitem]
                    + about                  [hst:sitemenuitem]
                    + new                    [hst:sitemenuitem]
                + footer                     [hst:sitemenu]
                    - hst:lockedby = jane
                    + address                [hst:sitemenuitem]
                    + contact                [hst:sitemenuitem]
                    + route                  [hst:sitemenuitem]

Now when user  john published, the entire  example-preview/hst:workspace/hst:sitemenus/main node tree replaces the one at example/hst:workspace/hst:sitemenus/main, at the same time removing the hst:lockedby = john property. The changes made by user  jane are still there after john publishes his changes. The main menu locks are freed, the footer menu stays locked.

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