This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 11. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Create a Selenium test case

To be able to identify elements in the Hippo CMS UI, it is required to set the context parameter output-wicketpaths to true in your project's conf/context.xml:

<Parameter name="output-wicketpaths" value="true"/>

The wicketpath attribute is added to each element that corresponds to a wicket component. It provides a relatively stable means of identifying an element in Hippo CMS.

To create a Selenium Test Case using the Selenium IDE for Firefox, we need to be able to easily obtain the wicketpath attribute. For this, a user extension to the Selenium IDE can be created. Create a folder "wicketPathLocatorBuilder" with the file "user-extension.js". Paste the following snipped in this file.

LocatorBuilders.add('wicketpath', function(e) {
        this.log.debug("wicketpath: e=" + e);
        if (e.attributes && e.hasAttribute("wicketpath")) {
  "found attribute " + e.getAttribute("wicketpath"));
            return "//" + this.xpathHtmlElement(e.nodeName.toLowerCase()) +
                "[@wicketpath=" +
                     this.attributeValue(e.getAttribute("wicketpath")) + "]";
        return null;


Install the Selenium IDE plugin for Firefox from .

Open the Selenium IDE, go to menu Options -> Options. In the Selenium Core extensions input field, paste the path to the earlier created js file. Restart Firefox.

You can now record tests by clicking and/or right-clicking to insert additional commands. (tip: insert waitForText before adding a click command) The result:

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