Eclipse Jetty Vulnerability CVE-2022-2047 CVE-2022-2048 

Issue date: 21-09-2022
Affects versions: 15.1, 14.7, 13.4

Security Issue ID



Affected Product Version(s)

15.1.0, 14.7.8, 13.4.18, and all previous versions





A flaw was found in Eclipse Jetty. When parsing the authority segment of an HTTP scheme URI, the Jetty HttpURI class improperly detects an invalid input as a hostname. This can lead to failures in a Proxy scenario.


In Eclipse Jetty HTTP/2 server implementation, when encountering an invalid HTTP/2 request, the error handling has a bug that can wind up not properly cleaning up the active connections and associated resources. This can lead to a Denial of Service scenario where there are no enough resources left to process good requests.

The problems have been recognized and patched. The fix is available in version 9.4.47.


Customers are recommended to upgrade to the latest version. As of the time of writing, 15.1.1, 14.7.9 or 13.4.19