This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 12. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

What is Bloomreach Experience Manager?

Bloomreach Experience Manager is an open source Java CMS for creating personalized experiences across all channels. Hippo’s clean, modular architecture and support for open standards make it the ideal solution for agile development and open integration. Hippo's emphasis on the separation of the content from the presentation logic enables content editors to create content once, and then publish it to web sites, mobile sites, Facebook, REST services, digital magazines, mobile apps, and so on. Hippo enables webmasters to create new channels or configure existing page templates using its Channel Manager and Template Composer. Using the Relevance Module, specific content can be targeted at specific visitors based on the visitor’s current context, past personal history and matching personas created by the marketing team.

Under the hood Bloomreach Experience Manager supports many open standards such as JCR and REST to simplify development and integrations with existing systems. Hippo's Delivery Tier (HST) provides the tools for rapid development of websites and other channels such as REST endpoints or RSS feeds. Both the Bloomreach Experience Manager user interface and the Delivery Tier are highly customizable and extensible. Browse through the topics below for more information.


CMS, Repository & Delivery Tier


Content Model

Integrations & Extensions

Content, Data & Front End Integrations

Hippo Plugins

Hippo Customizations

Website Development

Building Websites with Bloomreach Experience Manager

HST Configuration

Component development

Enterprise Features

Advanced Search

Relevance Module

Reporting Dashboard

User Management

Logging in 

Users & Roles



Channel Manager

Browse Workspace

Searching within the CMS

Document Actions

Creating a document

Editing a document

Publishing a document

Developer Resources

System Requirements, Release Notes and IDE Support

Using the Console


Bloomreach Experience Manager comes in two flavors: Bloomreach Experience Manager (distributed under Apache 2 license) and Bloomreach Experience Manager, which includes additional modules such as Relevance and Reporting. If you want to play around with Bloomreach Experience Manager, check out the Get Started Tutorial. Depending on your interest in Hippo, here are some pointers into the documentation:

We hope you enjoy the information on our Hippo Community website - and are looking forward to hearing more from you on our public forums or in the comments section you find on each page.

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