Upgrade 12.0.2 to 12.0.3

If you upgrade from versions older than 12.0.2,  11.2.4 or 10.2.8 to 12.0.3, then during startup of the repository, a new database table next to the existing repository tables will be created for the newly added LockManager feature.

In general, you won't have to do anything since the table will be auto-created by code in case it is missing. 

However, if you disabled table creation in your database you need to take manual steps to add the table. If you did not disable table creation, you can ignore the steps below.

Manual required steps in case table creation is disabled

The name of this newly required table is


Where ${prefix} is the uppercase of the schemaObjectPrefix in your <Cluster> element configuration in the repository.xml:  By default, this value is journal_, hence the required new table is by default JOURNAL_HIPPO_LOCK.

    <Journal class="org.apache.jackrabbit.core.journal.DatabaseJournal">
      <param name="driver" value="...." />
      <param name="url" value="...."/>
      <param name="schemaObjectPrefix" value="journal_"/>
      <param name="databaseType" value="..."/>

The required table schema for the new ${prefix}_HIPPO_LOCK table can be found by starting up locally against a database that allows table creation. The same table needs to be created on test/acct/prod if automatic table creating is disabled there. 

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