This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 12. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Top Level Repository Nodes


Bloomreach Experience Manager's content repository is used to store content as well as configuration in a node tree. The Bloomreach Experience Manager Console can be used to browse the node tree. This pages provides an overview of the top level nodes and what they are used for.


Used by the underlying Jackrabbit application.


Used by Hippo Configuration Management to store baseline information.


Contains Hippo CMS configuration.


Contains the Event Log. Hippo Repository logs all workflow invocations as JCR nodes. These nodes contain information about which user performed what workflow operation when and on what document. 


Contains namespaces in which content type definitions are stored. Most content type definitions are created using the Document Type Editor. Image Set types are configured using Bloomreach Experience Manager's setup application.


Contains delivery tier configuration such as hosts, channels, URLs, pages, components, and templates.


Contains all content managed through the CMS UI.

  • /content/documents - Editable documents.
  • /content/gallery - Uploaded images.
  • /content/assets - Uploaded assets (e.g. non-editable files such as PDFs).
  • /content/attic - Deleted content.


Temporary storage for form data persisted during a Post/Redirect/Get sequence.


Reporting Dashboard configuration (Bloomreach Experience Manager).


Relevance Module configuration (Bloomreach Experience Manager).

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