Upgrade 12.1. to 12.2



Upgrade a Bloomreach Experience Manager implementation project from version 12.1.x to 12.2.y.

Upgrade Steps

Perform Generic Minor Upgrade Steps

Follow the generic instructions for minor upgrades.

Enterprise Projects Feature:

If you run the enterprise Projects feature, make sure that any projects that are under review get finished or canceled before the upgrade. The upgrade does not support projects that are in review. If during upgrade there are any projects in state review, they will be set to state unapproved meaning that the review has to be redone. After that, upgrade the schema of the Camunda database from version 7.7 to 7.8. You can download the script for your database from the Camunda update scripts. For example, for MySQL you run the script mysql_engine_7.7_to_7.8.sql.

Upgrade hst:cmseditlink Tag to hst:manageContent Tag

The hst:cmseditlink tag has been deprecated and replaced with the hst:manageContent tag, adding support for inline document selection and creation in the channel preview. If your project's templates contains the hst:cmseditlink tag, you are advised to upgrade them to hst:manageContent now.

Replace the Deprecated @DocumentLink Annotation

With the introduction of the new hst:manageContent tag, the option to create documents using the @DocumentLink annotation has been made obsolete. This annotation is deprecated in version 12 and will be removed in version 13. Replace the tag as described in the section about @DocumentLink on this page.

Update Custom StringCodec Configuration

The configuration of custom string codecs has moved to a new location in the repository. 

Hippo CMS version Repository location
12.1 and older


12.2 and newer


If your project contains a custom string codec configuration, it will be automatically migrated to the new location when the repository starts. Auto-export will automatically update your project files. If auto-export is disabled you have to update your configuration manually.

Upgrade Custom Essentials Plugins

Significant changes have been made to the Essentials Plugin SDK and its API. If you developed any custom Essentials plugin(s) against an earlier (unstable!) version of the SDK, you will need to upgrade them. See the Essentials Plugin SDK documentation for more information.

Using Spring Root WebApplicationContext

If you are using a Spring Root WebApplicationContext that requires HST Spring Component Beans, you have to replace in the site web.xml:

  <!-- Bootstrap listener to start up root web application context. -->


  <!-- Bootstrap listener to start up root web application context. -->

See Spring Root WebApplicationContext for more info.


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