This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 12. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Install the URL Rewriter Enterprise Add-on

This feature is available since Hippo CMS 12.0.0
This Bloomreach Experience Manager feature requires a standard or premium license. Please contact Bloomreach for more information.

The URL Rewriter Enterprise Add-on can be added to your implementation project using the Essentials setup application.



  1. In Essentials' initial Project setup screen, check the Enterprise features checkbox in order to see the URL Rewriter feature.
  2. In Essentials' feature library, add URL Rewriter to your project.
  3. Rebuild and restart your project (Complete installation of URL Rewriter requires two rebuild-and-restart cycles).

Above steps have the following conceptual effect on your implementation project:

  • If the project is not already an Enterprise project, it gets converted into one.
  • The necessary library dependencies are added to the cms and site modules. At bootstrap, they will ensure that the add-on is successfully installed, using default configuration.
  • The site module's web.xml descriptor is modified in order to apply the URL rewriting rules when processing incoming requests.
  • A piece of Spring configuration is added to the site module to make sure that updates to the rules or the global configuration become effective.

Also see Essentials' Changes made by this feature listing for URL Rewriter.


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