Repository NodeType changes

CMS 12 comes with the following Repository NodeType changes compared to version 11 and before, which have been done to further harden and prevent accidental/undesirable nodetype usages:

  • nodetype rep:root: no longer allows same-name-siblings (SNS) nor does it provide orderability of its children (REPO-1720)
    • This means that with CMS 12 it no longer is possible to add multiple root level nodes with the same name, nor (re)order them.
    • When upgrading from CMS 11, existing SNS root level nodes (which are unlikely to exist, but if so) need to be removed or renamed. Note: existing SNS root level nodes will be retained. So removing or renaming them can, but at the latest should, be done after the upgrade.
      Not removing or renaming SNS root level nodes may cause unexpected behavior as such SNS nodes no longer are expected or anticipated.
  • nodetype hipposys:domainrule and hipposys:domain: no longer allows same-name-siblings (REPO-1719)
    • Note: the CMS 12 upgrade tooling automatically takes care of the necessary renaming of duplicate domain(rule) child node names in the configuration during the migration of the bootstrap resources and/or during the first upgrade migration at startup.
  • nodetype hipposys:moduleconfig: no longer allows same-name-siblings (REPO-1665)
    • as a consequence, and improvement, the eforms (enterprise add-on) module configuration has been modified and adjusted to no longer use and need nt:unstructured (EFORMS-477). The necessary changes for the eforms module configuration also is automatically taken care of with the upgrade tooling and/or during the first upgrade migration at startup.   


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