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Poll Component Developer Guide - Rendering

Rendering the Poll

Available Poll Data

In order to be able to create rendering code (JSP or Freemarker), you have to know what data is available for rendering. The following table describes this.

Field Description
pollDocument Refers to the root-level HST bean, representing the processed poll document. For poll documents of the plugin-supplied type, the bean is implemented by org.onehippo.forge.poll.contentbean.PollDocument. If no poll document is available, this field is null and no further rendering should be attempted. While custom poll documents may provide extra properties, the plugin-supplied document type only exposes the poll field:
pollDocument.poll Refers to the HST bean representing the poll compound. This bean is implemented by org.onehippo.forge.poll.contentbean.compound.Poll.
pollDocument.poll.text String field containing the value of the text attribute of the poll compound.
pollDocument.poll.introduction String field containing the value of the introduction attribute of the poll compound.
pollDocument.poll.options List of HST beans specifying the options available for this poll document. Each option is implemented by org.onehippo.forge.poll.contentbean.compound.Option.
pollDocument.poll.options[].value String field containing the value of the value attribute of the selected option.
pollDocument.poll.options[].label String field containing the value of the label attribute of the selected option.
voteSuccess Boolean indicating, when a voting attempt was made, if the attempt was successful or not. If no voting attempt was made, the field is not available
option String containing the option previously voted on. May not be available.
pollVotes Refers to a Java bean of type  org.onehippo.forge.poll.bean.PollVotesBean which contains the votes data pertaining to the pollDocument. Just like the poll compound, this bean provides votes data as options:
pollVotes.options List of beans representing the options available for the poll document
pollVotes.options[].value Same as pollDocument.poll.options[].value
pollVotes.options[].label Same as pollDocument.poll.options[].label
pollVotes.options[].votesCount Long integer indicating the number of votes cast onto this option.
pollVotes.options[].votesPercentage Long integer indicating the (rounded-off) percentage of this option relative to all votes for this document.

Creating a Template

Your poll is rendered using a JSP or Freemarker template. The poll plugin comes with a Freemarker template illustrating the rendering of the attributes of the poll component. You can find the code in the repository under hst:hst/hst:configurations/hst:default/hst:templates/poll.component.ftl@hst:script.

If necessary, customize this code and make sure it is part of your site.war.

If you use your customized code, refer to it by configuring a new template under /hst:hst/hst:configurations/[your_channel]/hst:templates, pointing the component's hst:renderpath attribute to your template.

If you use the default Freemarker template provided by the poll plug-in, a template called poll.component.ftl is available to be used by your component.

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