Upgrade the cmseditlink tag to the manageContent tag

Step 1 Replace the deprecated cmseditlink tag

The cmseditlink tag is deprecated from version 12.2.0 and will be removed in version 13. We suggest to replace it with the new manageContent tag as part of the upgrade to 12.2. A simple find-replace action in all templates will be enough: in JSP templates replace hst:cmseditlink with hst:manageContent. In Freemarker templates replace hst.cmseditlink with hst.manageContent.

If you happen to have the var attribute configured on the cmseditlink tag you must remove it as this is no longer supported in the manageContent tag. Make sure that the tag is inside the element where the button is supposed to appear in and check the documentation about position the button.

Step 2 Implement new options of the tag

You can configure the tag in several ways to support creating and selecting new documents from the channel manager. These are your options:

  1. Use the button to edit a document.
  2. Use the button to create a new document.
  3. Use the button to select a document that is linked to a component in a container.
  4. Configure a button with any combination of these three options.

More information about all configuration options of the manageContent tag can be found here. Please take notice of the limitations and considerations section at the bottom of this page.


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