Configure Multiple Delivery Webapps

This documentation applies to Bloomreach Cloud 2 only



Deploy a Bloomreach Experience Manager distribution containing multiple delivery web applications in Bloomreach Cloud.


Since version 13.0, Bloomreach Experience Manager supports multiple delivery webapps. Bloomreach Cloud supports deployment of distributions containing multiple delivery webapps.


To deploy a Bloomreach Experience Manager projects containing multiple delivery webapps in Bloomreach Cloud, it must be packaged as a single distribution containing all delivery webapps as well as the CMS webapp. How to create such a distribution depends on how the project is structured (for example, do the delivery webapps share a VCS repository or does each have it own) and is outside the scope of this page. See Add a Second Delivery Webapp for an example and Multi Delivery Web Application Support for more information.

Upload and deploy the distribution as usual.

For each delivery webapp:

  1. Configure a virtual host in the Console.
  2. Configure a domain in Mission Control and set the source and target path to the context path of the webapp.
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