Monitor an Environment with New Relic



Monitor a Bloomreach Cloud environment using New Relic as APM.

BRC uses New Relic by default in high security mode. See steps below how to turn high security off.


Bloomreach Cloud supports monitoring environments using New Relic as APM. As a customer you need to get a license key for New Relic. This license key can be supplied through a configuration file that is specified during deploy. Bloomreach Cloud will take care of the rest.

Monitoring includes performance metrics for your transactions, database connections, and JVMs, as well as error tracking and triage. See the screenshots below for some examples.


  1. Obtain a New Relic license key.
  2. Create a configuration file that contains the key newrelic.config.license_key with your license key as value. If have a New Relic license that does not support high security then add a line in which high security is disabled. For example:
  3. newrelic.config.license_key = 425ewrt78sdf
    newrelic.config.high_security = false
  4. Upload the configuration file to Bloomreach Cloud.
  5. Deploy a distribution and select the configuration file for use as Java system properties.
  6. Login to New Relic, enable high security in the console (if applicable), to see the results.


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