This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 13. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Gallery Picker Plugin Configuration

Default Configuration

The Gallery Picker plugin is part of Bloomreach Experience Manager's default configuration as provided by the Maven archetype. If you created your project as described in the Get Started Trail you don't have to install anything.

See the Document Type Editor documentation for more information on the Imagelink field type provided by the Gallery Picker plugin.

Restrict Allowed Image Set Types

If your project uses multiple image set types, you can configure which ones the picker allows the authors to pick.

In the Document Type Editor select the Imagelink field. In its properties panel, under nodetypes, for each image set type click Add and enter its JCR node type (e.g. myproject:imagetype).

If you leave the nodetypes property empty, then all imageset types will be available for picking.

Disable Image Upload

By default, the Gallery Picker dialog provides a direct upload option through which authors can upload an image from their local system to the content repository and directly insert it in the document being edited.

This option can be disabled by setting the boolean property enable.upload on the node /hippo:namespaces/hippogallerypicker/imagelink/editor:templates/_default_/root to false using the Console:

  jcr:primaryType: frontend:plugin
  enable.upload: false

Enable Upload of SVG Image with Javascript embedded

By default, the Gallery Picker dialog does not allow upload of SVG images with embedded Javascript.

If uploading of SVG images with Javascript embedded is still required, then this option can be enabled by setting the boolean property svg.scripts.enabled on the configuration node: /hippo:namespaces/hippogallerypicker/imagelink/editor:templates/_default_/root to true using the Console or add this in your project bootstrap configuration.

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