Upgrade Essentials

Adjust Essentials Project Settings for Single Site Mode

When upgrading your project to version 13, you are instructed to use single-site mode. By default, Essentials v13 expects to interact with a project in multi-site mode. You need to adjust the settings of your project's Essentials web application, such that it interacts correctly with your upgraded Bloomreach Experience Manager project.

In essentials/src/main/resources/project-settings.xml, make sure to define the following entities

Entity Value Description
<hstHcmDependenciesAlias> CMS Add HST HCM dependencies to the POM of the CMS.
<cmsDependenciesModule> cms Add CMS dependencies to cms/pom.xml
<siteComponentsSubModule> site The 'site' module contains your site's components
<siteWebappSubModule> site The 'site' module produces the site web application

Update Essentials EventBus Listener Configuration

Before version 13, configuration for an EventBus listener used by the Essentials 'Blog' feature was bootstrapped at /hippo:configuration/hippo:modules/essentials-eventbus-listener. In some cases, this configuration was bootstrapped even into projects that did not use the Blog feature. As of version 13, this configuration has moved to /hippo:configuration/hippo:modules/blog-eventbus-listener and is only bootstrapped when adding the Blog feature to a project. The actual configuration has not changed.

If your project uses the Blog feature, you must fix the EventBus configuration. The existing configuration will be removed when deploying the upgrade. If you make use of the Blog feature, make sure to preserve the existing configuration at /hippo:configuration/hippo:modules/blog-eventbus-listener by bootstrapping it there out of your project's repository data definitions. If you don't make use of the Blog feature, you don't need to take action; said configuration will be deleted when deploying the upgrade.

Beware of Namespace URI in New Document Types

This section is not so much about an upgrade step as it is about creating awareness of how to deal with Essentials in conjunction with a project upgraded to version 13. 

In version 13, the archetype's JCR Namespace URI, used for project-specific node types, has changed from http://www.onehippo.org/<projectnamespace>/nt/1.0 to http://www.<projectnamespace>.com/<projectnamespace>/nt/1.0. If you keep using Essentials to create new document types (e.g. by installing the Banner, News, Events or Blog feature) in your project, make sure to manually adjust the Namespace URI of the new document type to match with the http://www.onehippo.org prefix of the corresponding CND. You can find the Namespace URI of the new document type in the repository at /hippo:namespaces/myproject/<document-type>/hipposysedit:nodetype/hipposysedit:nodetype/@hipposysedit:uri.

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