This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 13. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Add Advanced Search to a Project

This Bloomreach Experience Manager feature requires a standard or premium license. Please contact Bloomreach for more information.

Adding Advanced Search to a Project

Set up a Bloomreach Experience Manager project.

Add the following dependencies to cms/cms-dependencies/pom.xml in your project:


Rebuild your project.

Configure the Document Types Filter Dropdown

Configure which document types can be selected in the filter section of the search perspective:

  document.type.namespaces: [ 'myproject' ]
  document.type.excluded: [ 'myproject:basedocument' ]

The above example includes all document types in the myproject namespace, except myproject:basedocument.

Note that when no document types are selected in the filter, the search results will include all document types regardless of the above configuration.

Configure Inclusion of Subtypes

By default, search results do not include subtypes of the document types selected in the search filter:

  document.subtypes.included: false

Set the document.subtypes.included property to true to include subtypes of selected document types in search results.

Configure Wildcard Postfixing

By default, Advanced Search applies wildcard postfixing to search terms of 3 characters or longer. This means that the search results will include documents that contain words starting with the search term. This behavior can be fine-tuned or completely disabled by configuring the Search Service used by Advanced Search to execute queries.

Configure Character Limit of Search Input

Since 13.2.0, the following property of type Long is available to limit the number of characters that is allowed in the main search input of the search perspective:

  search.input.maxlength: 100

If the property is absent or does not have a positive value, no limit is set.

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