This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 13. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Expressional Inference Rule Engine Release Notes

Bloomreach offers Enterprise support for this feature to Bloomreach Experience customers. The release cycle of this feature may differ from our core product release cycle. 


3.1.0 (unreleased)

Released: TBD

  • SERVPLUG-103 - Correct the demo project, moving all plugin dependencies into the CMS/platform.


Released: 6 September 2019

  • SERVPLUG-90 - Access goal values from the rules expression builtin model


Released: 20 August 2019

  • SERVPLUG-85 - open multiple Inference Rule documents
  • SERVPLUG-87 - Autoexport breaks after installing the addon
  • SERVPLUG-88 - Upgrade demo based on v13.3 while the module itself kept with v13.0


Released: 6 February 2019

  • SERVPLUG-77 - Hide inferenceengine namespace in folder views pane (right pane, not tree)


Released: 15 january 2019


2.x and 1.x

See here for the release notes for versions 2.x on Bloomreach Experience 12 and 11.

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