Upgrade 13.4.3 to 13.4.4

Significant Changes

SOLR Support Dropped

As of version 13.4.4, Bloomreach Experience Manager no longer supports SOLR search engine integration.

Upgrade Steps

Update Cargo Log4j Configuration File Path

An update to Log4j 2.13.3 breaks the Log4j configuration file path configuration in the default cargo.run profile in projects generated from previous versions of the Maven archetype.

In the root pom.xml of your project, in the cargo.run profile, update the following line:




(Relevance) Upgrade to Elasticsearch 7

If your implementation project is deployed in Bloomreach Cloud, please verify with Bloomreach support that your stack supports Elasticsearch 7 before upgrading.

As of Bloomreach Experience Manager 13.4.4, the Relevance module supports Elasticsearch 7. If your implementation project uses the Relevance module and the Elasticsearch data store, it is recommended to upgrade to Elasticsearch 7 when upgrading to 13.4.4.

Make sure your project currently uses at least version 6.8 of Elasticsearch to ensure compatibility of the index with version 7. If necessary, upgrade to Elasticsearch 6.8 first.

In your configuration for the visits data store, change the value of the targeting:storefactoryclass from com.onehippo.cms7.targeting.storage.elastic6.ElasticStoreFactory to com.onehippo.cms7.targeting.storage.elastic7.ElasticStoreFactory:

  targeting:storefactoryclass: com.onehippo.cms7.targeting.storage.elastic7.ElasticStoreFactory
  dataSource: elasticsearch/targetingDS
Please note that the "dump-restore" tool that was available for earlier upgrades cannot be used to migrate an Elasticsearch index to version 7.
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