This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 13. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Configuration Management Terminology


By configuration, we refer to the part of the data in the repository, which is contributed by Bloomreach Experience Manager, developers and administrators in order to control how a particular instance of Bloomreach Experience Manager (a Bloomreach Experience Manager implementation) behaves. See also content.


By content, we refer to the part of the repository which is contributed and maintained by Bloomreach Experience Manager users in order to manage their website(s). See also configuration.

Bloomreach Experience Manager

In the context of configuration management, by Bloomreach Experience Manager, we refer to the code and configuration provided out of the box by Bloomreach Experience Manager, which is then extended for a particular implementation.


By implementation, we refer to a particular customization of Bloomreach Experience Manager. An implementation is based on Bloomreach Experience Manager, and extended by Bloomreach Experience Manager developers to meet the requirements of a specific customer / use case.

Configuration Model

CMS 12 manages an in-memory model of a desired/controlled set of configuration. This model is the result of merging configuration contributions into a single model, the Configuration Model. For most cases, the Configuration Model can be considered equivalent to the configuration part of the repository, with additional metadata to track for example the source and correct processing order for individual nodes and properties.


The repository is where Bloomreach Experience Manager stores any data that needs to be persisted, including configuration and content.

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