This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 13. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Poll Plugin Developer Guide - Poll Parameters

The parameters of the poll plug-in are implemented in the PollProvider delegate class. As long as custom components delegate to the PollProvider, they will "inherit" the set of parameters described here.

Parameter Description

This parameter specifies an absolute repository content path, where the poll component should find the poll document. If the new PollDocumentComponent is used (default, recommended), the path must point to the poll document's handle node. If the older PollComponent is used, the path must point to the folder containing the desired poll document. If that folder contains multiple poll documents, the "first" one will be used. The path must start with a forward slash ("/"), and should be considered mandatory.

poll-docsClass This parameter specifies the class of the content beans that contain poll documents to be processed by this instantiation of the poll component. By default, the parameter is set to org.onehippo.forge.poll.contentbean.PollDocument. If you create your own document type, including the poll compound type, you will have to write your own content bean, inheriting from org.hippoecm.hst.content.beans.standard.HippoDocumentBean, representing the content of your poll documents, and refer to that class through this parameter.
poll-pollCompoundName This parameter specifies the JCR name of the poll compound inside your poll document. It is used to access the core poll data of your poll document, managed by the PollProvider. By default, the parameter is set to poll:poll, which works out of the box for the document type provided by the poll plug-in.
poll-dataPath This parameter specifies where the poll data (the votes of the poll) are kept. As keeping this data together with the poll documents is tricky from a security point of view, the poll plug-in keeps all poll data in a separate repository root-level folder called /polldata by default. We recommend to keep this unchanged, as the creation of a root-level repository folder is not allowed at runtime.
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