This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 13. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

The Configuration Verifier


The Bloomreach Experience Manager Configuration Verifier, brXM CV or just CV in short, is a tool to support projects and developers during the upgrade between major Bloomreach Experience Manager releases, and is available to Bloomreach Experience Manager customers and partners.

The CV also can be used to verify and report on project specific configuration changes, at any time!

The CV is configured to be run and executed using a predefined verify-configuration Maven profile in a Bloomreach Experience Manager project.

The CV runs during the startup and initialization phase of the CMS application and generates a detailed report in YAML format about the differences (deltas) between the current project configuration and an existing (e.g. previous version) repository (database), without modifying or updating the repository (after its execution it will stop the Maven/cargo execution process).

The CV only checks for differences between the config definitions of the project configuration (see: Manage Configuration) and the existing repository, but not for changes in namespaces, nodetypes or in content. Also, the CV does not have a UI: the differences are reported in a specific delta format which the developer thereafter can verify and where needed resolve.

How it works

When the CV runs during the startup and initialization phase of the CMS application, it executes a different repository initialization process to only load the provided CMS project configuration, including the HST platform configuration and additional HST site web app configuration(s). And instead of applying the project configuration, it will then only compare it against the existing repository database, and report all the detected differences in a specific YAML delta format.

The existing repository is not modified (persistently) during this process and also not kept available afterwards for regular usage. After this process has finished, the web container (Tomcat) is stopped. While the CV can be run both locally by a developer or remotely on a deployable environment, its current setup assumes and requires running as an (additional) verify-configuration Maven profile, together with the profile.

Using the Configuration Verifier

Usage of CV is further described in these documents (login required):

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