This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 13. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

The requests overview dashboard

Bloomreach offers Enterprise support for this feature to Bloomreach Experience customers. The release cycle of this feature may differ from our core product release cycle. 

When the dashboard is installed (see Installation), a CMS user sees a new left hand side perspective 'Translations'. It shows an overview of all translation requests in the repository.

The dashboard icon will show a red dot if new completed translations have been detected.

The dashboard shows an overview of translation requests: each row represents a submitted request for a source document. The table shows:

Document: clickable link to the source document the request was made for.
Submitted: the user that did the request, with on its hover the date/time of the submission.
Updated: the date/time this request was last updated, meaning for a completed request when a translation for the document has been submitted into the system.
Translations: status of the request per language (it is possible to select multiple target languages, within one request). It shows: 
- a flag indicating the target language, with on its hover the locale code
- a publication status icon in case there is a translated document, with on its hover 'Live', 'Offine' or 'Previous version live'.
- a request status text indicating the progress of the request: Queued, Submitted, Cancelled, Completed, Error. 
If Error, its hover shows a more detailed error.
If Completed it's a clickable link to the target. An asterisk (*) behind it indicates it's a completed translation that is new within the logged-in CMS session.

Actions: one or two actions are available, depending on the request status.

  • Cancel shows if the translation request is submitted to the external system and has not come back yet.
    The action will call the external system to cancel the request. 
  • Re-submit shows if a translation request has been cancelled earlier.
    The action will do a new transaltion request for the document in the target language(s) involved.
  • Delete shows if the translation request has been cancelled earlier, or if it is completed, i.e. has come back from the external system.
    The action will not call the external system but delete the request from the Hippo repository.

Note: the Cancel (and therefore also the Re-submit) actions are not available if the configured connector does not support cancellations, e.g. the LiveWords connector. 

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