Miscellaneous Upgrade Steps

Update Event Bus Listener Registration Code

If your project contains event listeners (local or cluster-wide) listening for HippoEvents posted on the Event Bus, you must update the code which takes care of [un-]registering your listener(s).

Local Listeners

Replace local listener registration code like below:

HippoServiceRegistry.registerService(listener, HippoEventBus.class);
HippoServiceRegistry.unregisterService(listener, HippoEventBus.class);



Cluster-Wide ("Persisted") Listeners

Replace cluster-wide listener registration code like below:

PersistedHippoEventListenerRegistry.registerService(listener, HippoEventBus.class);
PersistedHippoEventListenerRegistry.unregisterService(listener, HippoEventBus.class);



For a complete example, see Event Bus and Respond to Workflow Events.

Upgrade CMS WAR manifest entry

In cms/pom.xml, in the configuration of the maven-war-plugin, rename the manifest entry 'Hippo-Release-Version' to 'BloomReach-Release-Version'. Leave the value as it is.

Align Log File Names

Due to the branding change from Hippo to BloomReach, the log4j configuration of the Maven archetype has been updated. By default, log file names used to start with "hippo-" (e.g "hippo-cms.log"). After the change, these prefixes have been removed. This may be relevant to you if you add a new (site) project created off a version 13.x archetype and deploy it in the same environment as a project that has been started from an older archetype (and upgraded). You may want to align the log file names.

Update Console Favicons

Console favicons have changed from ICO format to PNG format. The console-teal.ico favicon has been dropped and has no PNG replacement.

If you configured your environments to use different favicons, you must update the favicon.path property at /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/console/console/root.

If you configured one of the provided icons, change the filename extension from .ico to .png. For example, from console-red.ico to console-red.png.

If you configured the console-teal.ico favicon, use one of the other provided favicons.

If you created and configured a custom .ico favicon, you must convert the ICO file to PNG format and update the favicon.path property at /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/console/console/root accordingly.

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