This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 13. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Hst Configuration Model loading

The Delivery Tier loads an HST configuration model for every Site web application that is configured. All models are loaded by the Platform webapplication. The Platform webapp exposes the model to the Site webapps via the HstModelRegistry. This HstModelRegistry gives access to the model of the current HST site webapp, but also the model of other HST site webapps.

Because the model is loaded by the Platform and the classes must also be available in the Site apps, they have to be loaded by a shared class loader. Therefore the HST API dependencies must be available in the container's shared library. Note that the HST API dependency should not be packaged in the CMS war. At startup an error message is logged by the HstFilter about container services not being initialized. The CMS is available, but it won't be able to show any channel.

Access the HstModel in a Site webapp

In a Site webapp, the HST configuration model for the current webapp  can be accessed in the following way:

HstModelRegistry hstModelRegistry = HippoServiceRegistry.getService(HstModelRegistry.class);
final HstModel siteModel = hstModelRegistry.getHstModel("/site");

Use the name of the context path to retrieve the HstModel.

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