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Bloomreach Experience Manager Content REST API AngularJS Tutorial App

This short tutorial is a great way to get started with the Content REST API. You will create a small AngularJS app which retrieves and displays documents stored in Bloomreach Experience Manager's content repository.

In the tutorial you will learn how to:

  • Get a list of documents
  • Get a single document's full contents
  • Handle internal links in a document's rich text content
  • Search documents
  • Use paging in a list of documents


To be able to follow this tutorial you must:

  • Have a basic understanding of Javascript, HTML, JSON and AngularJS
  • Have Git installed
  • Have NodeJS installed

To be able to run the Bloomreach Experience Manager server on your local development machine you must also:

It is also recommended (but not required) to use a browser plugin to format JSON data (e.g. JSONView for Firefox or JSONView for Chrome).

Get Started

Create the Bloomreach Experience Manager Server

At this point it is required to run Bloomreach Experience Manager locally on your development machine for this tutorial. Therefore we recommend that you follow the Getting Started tutorial first. We may provide a live server in the near future.

Create a Bloomreach Experience Manager project (enter 'Y' to use the default archetype settings) and build and run it.

Add the following features to the project:

  • Events
  • News
  • Simple Content

Use the REST Services Setup tool to enable generic REST resources (use the default URL):

  1. Make sure the option Enable generic REST resources is checked.
  2. Click on the Run setup button.

Rebuild and restart the project.

Verify that Bloomreach Experience Manager is available at:


You can log in using the default username admin and password admin.

Verify that the Content REST API's document resource is available at:


Download the Tutorial Application

Clone the content-rest-tutorial repository located at GitHub by running the following command:

git clone https://github.com/bloomreach/content-rest-tutorial.git

Change your current directory to content-rest-tutorial:

cd content-rest-tutorial

The tutorial instructions, from now on, assume you are running all commands from the content-rest-tutorial directory.

Run the Development Web Server

First download the app's dependencies by running:

npm install

The tutorial project is configured with a simple static web server for hosting the application during development. Start the web server by running:

npm start

This will create a local web server that is listening to port 8081 on your local machine and open the app in your browser at:
If port 8081 is in use on your development machine, the server will find an alternative port that is available.

The app that is now running in your browser is the final product of this tutorial. On the next page you will reset your workspace to an almost empty project and build up the app step by step.

Start the tutorial

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