This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 13. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

Set Permissions When Using Workflow in the Delivery Tier



Set permissions to enable the site application to perform document workflow actions.


By default the sitewriter user used by the delivery tier has write access to the node /formdata and read access to all other nodes. If you want to use workflow within the delivery tier to persist content beans as documents through the WorkflowPersistenceManager, then the sitewriter user must also have write access on documents.

Configure Permissions

The most straightforward way is to give the sitewriters group the same permissions as the author or editor group, depending on your requirements.

Log in to the CMS, select the Admin perspective, then Permissions.

A table lists all security domains configured in the content repository.

If you want the sitewriter user to have the same access rights as authors, find all security domains than contain author and grant the group sitewriters the same role as the author group on that domain.

Similarly, if you want the  sitewriter user to have the same access rights as editors, find all security domains than contain  editor and  grant the group  sitewriters the same role as the  editor group on that domain.


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