This article covers a Bloomreach Experience Manager version 13. There's an updated version available that covers our most recent release.

JVM Enabled User

Within one and the same JVM, we support to be able to login a JCR Session programmatically without requiring a password  if and only  if the user to login contains:

hipposys:passkey = jvm:// 

By default for example the HST users are configured to be JVM enabled. 

Use Case

When you want to retrieve a JCR Session from a webapp other than where Hippo Repository runs in, and you don't want to configure and maintain a password in that webapp (or outside the webapp)  per cluster node where the webapp runs, you can choose for a JVM enabled user. Also between DTAP environments, you don't have to worry about setting different passwords per environment. 



For a user as explained in Users, add hipposys:passkey = jvm://. For example

      jcr:primaryType: hipposys:user
      hipposys:active: true
      hipposys:passkey: jvm://

note that if you want to be able to login with myWebappUser into the repository servlet, you still need to configure hipposys:password. If you don't have hipposys:password configured,  myWebappUser can only be used as JVM enabled user and not to login with in for example the repository servlet.


final HippoRepository repository = HippoRepositoryFactory.getHippoRepository("vm://");
JvmCredentials credentials = JvmCredentials.getCredentials("myWebappUser");
session = repository.login(credentials);





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