HST Diagnostics - Certain Tasks Related to Sitemap Matching are Slow


Certain parts of the task for Sitemap Matching are taking longer to complete.

Possible Reasons

  • It could be related to having too many sessions open or due to the limit in the number of sessions that can be opened.

  • It could be related to having too many security domains and user groups if we are modifying default system users.

Possible Solution

Regarding the number of sessions that are allowed, HST is provisioning 100 sessions via JCR session pool, which means it can handle 100 requests per HST application (server) at the time. Those sessions are refreshed from time to time (to reflect system changes etc.) and there are also different kinds of sessions.

For example siteuser by default uses "readonly" session and to write data we need to obtain "sitewriter" session. As an end user, you can also create extra sessions or obtain existing sessions from the pool itself. The articles on JCR session pooling and retrieving a pooled session can provide more information.

 Alternative Solution

The slowdown might be related to overloading the system and hitting the "pool refresh" phase.

This can easily be reached by firing, let's say 250 concurrent request on a system with 2 site HST servers for example (this means that HST can handle 200 connections at the time)

You can increase HST pool size as well.

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