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The News component is a specialization of the List component. Similar to the Events component, it provides you with the option to specify a query filter indicating that all future news items should be hidden, allowing CMS users to prepare (but not yet show) new news items. This component uses a date granularity of days, meaning that new news items will become available when a new day has started.

Component Parameters

Name Description
hideFutureItems Flag indicating if future items should be hidden or not. By default, they are hidden.
documentDateField Name of the attribute of the repository node representing the news document, which holds document's date value. This parameter is only considered if hiding of future items is turned on.

See also the inherited component parameters of the List Component.

The News component is part of the News feature available in the Essentials Library. The News feature also includes a News Item document type, and a News List Experience manager component.
When adding the News List component to a page template in the Experience manager, enter the following document type and date field in the component's configuration dialog (replacing myproject with your project's namespace):
Field that contains document date (for hiding): myproject:date
News Document types (comma separated): myproject:newsdocument

Request Parameters

There are no extra request parameters on top of the ones inherited from the List Component.

Rendering Attributes

There are no extra rendering attributes on top of the ones inherited from the List Component.

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