Upgrade 14.0 to 14.1



Upgrade a Bloomreach Experience Manager implementation project from version 14.0.x to 14.1.y.

Upgrade Steps

Perform Generic Minor Upgrade Steps

Follow the generic instructions for minor upgrades.

Remove Login Page Captcha Configuration

As of Bloomreach Experience Manager 14.1.0, the captcha has been removed from the login page. Therefore, if your implementation project configured any of the following two configuration properties at the node /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/login/login/loginPage, they should be removed to prevent errors being logged during bootstrap after upgrading to 14.1.

  • use.captcha
  • show.captcha.after.how.many.times

Update Customized Login Page

If your implementation project contains any login page customizations, those may need to be updated when upgrading to 14.1.0.

As of Bloomreach Experience Manager 14.1.0, the SimpleLoginPlugin has been removed. The DefaultLoginPlugin, which extended SimpleLoginPlugin prior to 14.1.0, now extends LoginPlugin directly. If your implementation project extended SimpleLoginPlugin, it should be updated to extend DefaultPlugin instead.

(SPA) Upgrade to Latest Bloomreach SPA Integration SDKs

If you are using the Bloomreach SPA Integration SDKs, please make sure to update your SPA project to the latest SPA SDKs (bloomreach-experience-react-sdk, @bloomreach/spa-sdk, and @bloomreach/react-sdk).

(Page Model API) Adapt SPA Code for Fully Qualified External and Resource Links

As of Bloomreach Experience Manager 14.1.0, the Page Model API returns "external" and "resource" links as fully qualified URLs. If your implementation project contains an SPA consuming the Page Model API, you may need to adapt your code when upgrading to 14.1.0.

(Relevance) Add GeoLite2/GeoIP2 Database

As of Bloomreach Experience Manager 14.1.0, the GeoLite2 database is no longer distributed with the Relevance module. In version 14.0, it was pulled in through a transitive Maven dependency, this is no longer the case. Therefore, implementation projects using Relevance and upgrading to 14.1.0 must manually add the database by following the instructions in Add the GeoIP2/GeoLite2 Database to a Project.

(Optional) Use Relevance without Elasticsearch

As of Bloomreach Experience Manager 14.1.0, it is possible to use Relevance without Elasticsearch, at the expense of the Experiments and Trends features.

Customers upgrading implementation projects from 14.0 to 14.1 who don't use Experiments and Trends and/or no longer want to use Elasticsearch can choose to remove the Elasticsearch requirement (and Experiments and Trends functionality) as part of the upgrade process.

All other customers can skip this step.

(Commerce Accelerator) Upgrade Commerce Accelerator

If your implementation project uses Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator, please refer to to Bloomreach Commerce Accelerator 14.1.0 Upgrade Notes for instructions.

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