Experience Pages

This feature is available since Bloomreach Experience Manager 14.3.0


Experience Pages are self-contained pages combining content and page layout, adding the option of a page-driven approach to Bloomreach Experience Manager.

Traditionally, pages in Bloomreach Experience Manager have been content-driven. The sitemap links a URL to a page configuration and a content path, the combination of which can then be rendered as a webpage. The page configuration and the content are strictly separated: they are stored in different locations in the repository and follow separate workflows.

In contrast, Experience Pages store both the page layout configuration and the content in the same place, enabling them to flow through the publication worklfow as a single, self-contained unit. This allows CMS users the flexibility of managing pages independently from the channel configuration.

To enable the use of Experience Pages in a Bloomreach Experience Manager implementation project, some configuration by developers is required.

For a hands-on introduction, follow the Configure Experience Pages tutorial!


Experience Page Folder

An Experience Page Folder is a content folder in which Experience Page Documents for one particular channel are stored. It must be configured by a developer.

Experience Page Layout

An Experience Page Layout is a page layout configured by a developer and stored within the delivery tier configuration section of the repository. Experience Page Layouts are templates for the page configuration embedded in an Experience Page Document.

Experience Page Document

An Experience Page Document is a document which contains an embedded page configuration that is an instance of an Experience Page Layout. Experience Page Documents are created by CMS users and stored within the content section of the repository inside an Experience Page Folder. An Experience Page Document has all the features of a regular document including publication workflow, version management, and link integrity checking.

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