Bloomreach Enterprise Repository

This Bloomreach Experience Manager feature requires a standard or premium license. Please contact Bloomreach for more information.


The Bloomreach Enterprise Repository extension provides enhanced and hardened support for running Bloomreach Experience Manager on-premise and in the cloud.

Currently an optional feature, future versions of Bloomreach Experience Manager may require adding the Enterprise Repository extension module(s), so existing customers are recommended to do so already now.

The Enterprise Repository will automatically be added when converting an enterprise project with Essentials, or can be added manually by following the instructuctions on that page.

Concurrent initialization of multiple cluster instances

The Enterprise Repository enhances and hardens the standard Hippo CMS Repository by supporting and protecting concurrent initialization of multiple cluster instances.

Starting a new clustered environment, or adding multiple new instances to an existing cluster works fine when done sequentially, e.g. one instance at a time. But doing this concurrently, especially when automated within (fractions of) seconds, can cause a technical problem as each instance needs to create and share specific configuration and data in the backend database.

The community edition of Hippo CMS and its underlying Apache Jackrabbit engine don't support concurrent initialization of cluster instances, and therefore require starting and adding new instances sequentially.

With the Enterprise Repository extension concurrent instance initialization now is possible and a supported feature!

The Enterprise Repository will protect, as well as optimize, instance initialization to ensure that (only) the first critical initialization phase is automatically done sequentially.

When also combined with the Lucene Index Export feature, starting or scaling out a clustered environment now can be done much faster as well as reliably automated.

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